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3G GPS Tracker

Advanced Stable and Affordable 3G GPS Tracking Device

3G GPS tracker uses 3G internet normally WCDMA, which is a widely-adapted technology in the world. Compared with 2G internet, 3G is much more fast, stable and robust for data transmission which ensures the fluent and quality data transmission between GPS tracker and server. Moreover, in countries like USA, Korea, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand., 2G internet is terminated, which means 2G GPS tracker or even 2G phones can not work. However, 3G module is more expensive then 2G, leading to the price of 3G GPS Tracker at higher side. UniGuard offers qualified and affordable 3G WCDMA GPS Tracker.

1 Portable Magnet 3G GPS Tracker UM209

2 Mini Size 3G GPS Tracker UM210