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3G GPS Video Tracking System

Realtime GPS tracking device and Video monitoring system by 3G

3G GPS video tracking device

uses latest 3G module (WCDMA and CDMA2000) and SIRFIII GPS chip, so as to enable real time video monitoring and GPS location tracking. 3G GPS video tracking device can store video locally by HDD or SD card.

PC program: Real time GPS tracking on Google map, real time video monitoring, voice monitoring, vehicle status including alarm, speed, location, mileage, parking and ACC status, history playback, Geo-fencing alarm, route plan, POI, video playback.

Web system: Mileage Report, History Location Report, Speed Report, Overspeed Alarm Report.

Google Android/Apple IOS APP: Google map tracking, video monitoring, voice monitoring, history trace playback, remote video playback.

Will the device use a lot of 3G Data?

The 3G GPS video tracking device will not cost any 3G data if user doesn’t remotly view video from PC program.

How much data will the device use?

If you keep remotely video monitoring on PC program, 1 camera 1 hours uses 30 mb.

3G GPS Video Tracking System