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Best price hidden GPS Car Tracker no monthly fee

mini gps tracker and magnetic gps tracker

Best price hidden GPS Car Tracker no monthly fee

By In Blog On December 30, 2016

The UniGuard Hidden GPS car tracker is an awesome spy car tracking device if the GPS car tracker is to hide under or in the car. What kind of GPS tracker is called “hidden gps tracker”? Is there monthly fee for tracking car? Some may ask. Here “hidden” means covert installation of the tracking system and UniGuard web tracking software has no monthly fee, from which users can do real time tracking of all vehicles, check history traces, view speeding or geo-fence reports, monitor fuel consumption and calculate fuel cost, as well as send vehicle maintenance alerts.

Why hidden GPS car tracker is needed?

1 Teenager security

Teenagers always want their own privacy and drive crazy in some cases, which will make parents worried. In this case, the car gps tracker must be installed hidden without noticing by teenagers and then remove them. And they will not know the car is installed with a hidden gps tracker.

2 Stolen vehicle recovery

GPS vehicle tracker reports location data to web tracking software every 5 to 30 secs, so as to know exactly where they are when we login the web tracking software. When vehicle is started without authorization, vehicle owner shall know it at once either by SMS of web tracking system center. In case of theft, real time location report is helpful to locate the vehicle current location and call for police.

3 Vehicles paid by loan

Vehicles paid by load are not fully paid, so the banks and insurance companies all need some way to know the vehicle locations if the load is not redeemed in time or the driver tries to run away with the car. For insurance companies, they can know the vehicle last status and location when there is accident, so as to prepare settlement of claims, since there are many kinds of driving cheating on this.

4 Rent vehicles

Personal car is not a luxury for many families, so the road is flooded with more and more cars and it ends with many traffic jams. The shortage of parking lost is really a headache in every city, while renting vehicles has no such trouble. You do not need to pay the parking lot charge and park it anywhere available. For car renting companies, vehicle is the company asset and they cannot shoulder the lost. Installation of hidden car gps tracker enable real time tracking and also gives immediate help in case of emergency. In China, a rent vehicle is normally installed with 4 to 8 GPS tracking device to ensure the vehicle security.

What kind of tracker is hidden GPS car tracker?

Most trackers in market have antennas for receiving GPS and GSM signal, and the GPS antenna specially has to be put at open place, which makes it vulnerable to be found out and tampered. Once GPS antenna is removed, GPS tracker cannot offer accurate tracking or even cannot track at all.

1 Mini GPS tracker

mini gps tracker for car

mini gps tracker for carBecause of using built-in antennas and small size, small gps tracking device is much easier to hide. Most mini car gps tracker only has 3 wires (Power, Ground, and ACC) so it is also easier to install. Most mini gps tracking devices have backup batteries, so no need worry power cut problem. And when there is power failure problem, users can get immediate alert.

2 Magnetic GPS tracker

hidden gps car tracker

Magnetic GPS tracker is hot these years because they are super easy to install or no need installation at all! Just find a place and throw or hide the tracker, then it will work continuously with its own backup battery. According to battery working times, there are mainly 2 kinds of magnetic gps tracker. A. Magnetic gps tracker needs charge every 2 days B. Magnetic gps tracker no need charge and last upto 1 to 3 years. For gps magnetic car tracker lasting 1 to 3 years, they have another good feature: anti-jammer! Since they report to web tracking system every 1 to 2 days. It is impossible to detect the GPS signal by jammer and remove it.

Why choose UniGuard gps tracker for car?

1 UniGuard offers both mini GPS locator and magnetic GPS tracker for car, so users have more choices.

2 UniGuard GPS AVL offers accurate and detailed location even when it is hidden, for example underneath the car. So the gps tracking solutions performs well to track your personal car, as well as fleet cars.

3 UniGuard GPS locator works at any place in the world as long as there is GSM and GPS signal. We have clients in Nigeria, Kenya, USA, UK, Ireland, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Russia, Columbia, Ecuador, Argentina, UAE, and Saudi Arabia, etc.

4 UniGuard GPS web tracking software is free to track car at no monthly fee and it is one of the most advanced web based real time tracking software in the world. We offer also white label service. And it also supports Anroid and IOS application for hidden gps car tracker.

5 UniGuard offers OEM and ODM service as well.

6 Hidden GPS tracker with magnet model is UM666A

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