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All solutions about UniGuard GPS Tracker and Software

GPS Web Tracking Software History Replay

ON GPS web tracking software, you can check the vehicle history traces and also export history location to KML file or EXCEL. Below are the steps: Choose the vehicle Choose the time by week, month or preferred time interval. Long[...]

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GPS Web Tracking Software Tool

ON GPS web tracking software, there are several useful tools which easy fleet management, including full screen, zoom in/out, distance and area measure, route navigation, location name, also to view vehicle status from speed meter.   Full screen: view the[...]

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Supported GPS Tracker

After seeing our GPS web tracking software, so functional and attractive, most clients will ask “What other GPS trackers does your platform support?” It is true that our GPS web tracking software can support several types of devices, and more[...]

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GPS Web Tracking Software Updates

UniGuard, as a professional GPS tracking solutions supplier, including GPS tracker and GPS Web Tracking software, strive to keep our technology advanced, ahead of time and client’s request. On August 10th, 2015, below features are updated to GPS Web tracking[...]

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Vehicle GPS Speed Limiter

UniGuard GPS Speed Limiter is strictly designed per Kenya and Ethiopia Government Standards! Speed limiter or Speed governor is a device used to restrict the top speed of the vehicle for security reasons, widely used in public service vehicles (buses,[...]

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New GPS Web Tracking Software

GPSPOS is one of the most advanced GPS web tracking software in the world with multi-functions and reports. It supports not only web tracking system but also Phone based tracking app suitable for any phone iPHONE or Android. Also, with[...]

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Stream Video Monitoring Device

Stream Video Monitoring Device is a combination of GPS tracking device and Real time video monitoring system. With Stream Video Monitoring Device, user can not only track the vehicle location but also monitor video inside and around the vehicle in[...]

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GPS Tracker Free Shipping

From November 11th, 2014, Free Air Delivery is available for delivery destination at Kenya (Nairobi) and Nigeria (Lagos/Abuja).   GPS Tracker Free Shipping Requirements for Free Air delivery: 1 Date begins at November 11th, 2014 Date ends December 31st, 2014[...]

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Harsh Braking and Acceleration Detection

This month UniGuard has made one more step on the development of harsh braking and acceleration detection, as well as rollover and crash via GPS tracker. There axis accelerometer / three axis acceleration sensor is used. There axis accelerometer is[...]

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