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All solutions about UniGuard GPS Tracker and Software

Plug and Play GPS Tracker

Recently we are developing a new plug and play GPS tracker which is easy to install. Just plug and play by connecting with vehicle OBD port (diagnostic port, every vehicle manufactured after 1998 has an OBD port). However the plug[...]

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How to Cut Capacitive Fuel Sensor

Capacitive Fuel Sensor Length adjustment and Calibration:          Adjustment of fuel level sensor length Aluminum tube can be trimmed shorter from the bottom according to different requirements from customers. Steps are as follows: Customer specifies the sensor length according to[...]

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Capacitive Fuel Sensor

Capacitive Fuel Sensor length can be trimmed to fit tanks of varying heights. With capacitance as the sensing element, CLS (Capacitive Liquid Sensor) sensor series continuously detects the fuel level with resolution less than 1mm. It serves as an excellent[...]

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Relay for GPS Tracker

Relay is an electrically operated switch. By working with GPS tracker it is used to remotely stop vehicle engine or engine vehicle by SMS command or GPRS command. In order to achieve the best function, relay should be properly connected.[...]

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Temperature Sensor for GPS Tracker

Temperature Sensor for GPS Tracker, GPS Temperature Monitoring Tracking Device Temperature sensor is used for temperature monitoring, including built-in and external types. After connection with GPS Tracker UT04, users can view real time temperature on Web tracking center, as well[...]

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Camera for GPS Tracker

Camera for GPS Tracker. GPS camera tracker UT04 is used for image monitoring remotely. Camera works with GPS tracker is called GPS camera. GPS camera is connected directly with GPS Tracker UT04 to take photos remotely and photos are sent[...]

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Fuel Sensor for GPS Tracker

Fuel Sensor for GPS Tracker UniGuard offers 3 types fuel monitoring sensors for vehicle fuel monitoring and fuel anti-theft. Fuel Level Sensor Fuel level sensor is widely used for fuel reading from vehicle and the data is sent to server[...]

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RFID For GPS Tracker

RFID for GPS Tracker Driver RFID readers and tags/cards provide both security and accountability in fleet management applications. As the Card or Tag is swiped, the driver is allocated for the journey. Fleet Management reports may then be based on[...]

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GPS Navigator

GPS Navigator for GPS Tracker 1. An auto navigator, also commonly referred to as a GPS, is a device used in vehicle for providing direction and navigational guidance while placed in a vehicle. 2. Usage: A, it has normal navigation[...]

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