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5 Tips to find China GPS Tracker Supplier

In China market, there are tons of options when you want to find a trustable and helpful China GPS Tracker Supplier. It is true that too many choices might mean no choice. To find a good supplier from thousands of[...]

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Fuel Tanker Lid Monitoring

Clients ask: How to have a fuel tanker lid monitoring solution? It is known to all that GPS tracker can be used to detect or control car door (open or close), as almost all vehicles have center lock system. GPRS[...]

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China GPS Tracker

Below is a picture the returned units by one client. The third one is our mini GPS tracker UM02. The 3 GPS tracker has just a very little difference that it is hard for you to distinguish each other if[...]

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GPS Tracker Sold Worldwide

Uniguard Technology Limited is a professional GPS vehicle tracker supplier in Shenzhen, China. We have sold more than 500,000 devices worldwide and installed our GPS tracking software in more than 20 countries for clients. We research and develop our own[...]

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Fuel Monitoring Calibration via SMS

Below are step by step of fuel monitoring including installation and configuration. Please choose the most convenient one for your fuel monitoring testing. GPS Tracker must be setup to be tracked online first. ACC MUST BE ON WHEN EACH (SMS/GPRS)COMMAND[...]

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Fuel Monitoring Calibration via Web

To make clients understand better about UT04 fuel monitoring connection, we ask one client to explain in details how he does installation. We appreciate a lot. Steps about fuel monitoring lines connection and calibration: Vehicle fuel pump usually have 5[...]

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GPS Tracker APN Setting

Below you will find APNs for worldwide Telecom Operators for GPS Tracker APN setting and configuration. GPS Tracker APN Settings Albania Vodafone Twa Angola Unitel internet.unitel.co.ao Argentina Movistar internet Australia Vodafone vfinternet.au Azerbaijan Azercell internet Bahamas Batelco internet.btcbahamas.com Bangladesh Banglalink[...]

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How does Fuel Monitoring Work?

Real time Fuel Consumption Monitoring System! No Need extra accessory! Save Fuel Save costs! I.Theory and Diagram:  Vehicle owned fuel sensor has 3 lines, one is for power, one is for GND, the other is to transmit data to show[...]

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How Camera Image Monitoring Work?

Please follow below steps to use UT04 camera function to activate remote image monitoring(camera connected) 1.Send following commands to connect UT04 to tracking centre Set IP:A000000,010,,6903 Open GPRS: A000000,011,1 Set APN:A000000,012,APN 2.Send A000000,019,1 to open camera (A000000,019,0 is to close)[...]

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