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All solutions about UniGuard GPS Tracker and Software

Where and How to Install GPS Tracker?

There are always people asking where to install GPS tracker so as to avoid breakup and destroy. Here we made a picture with suggested places to install GPS tracker. GPS Tracker Installation Places (ACC wire of GPS tracker must be[...]

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Can GPS Work as Speed Governor or Limiter

Can GPS Tracker work as Speed limiter or Speed Governor to control vehicle speed? The answer is YES. Theory: With help of Relay, GPS Tracker can cut fuel supply or pedal power supply when vehicle speed exceeds preset max speed[...]

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Can I Have Tracker Work On My Platform ?

More and more clients now start to have their own Web based tracking platform and software. They face a problem that: If I buy GPS tracker for you, will your trackers work on my own web tracking software? The answer[...]

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Fuel Tanker Monitoring

Fuel tanker monitoring (Cargo fuel tank monitoring) is available for all types of tankers.      Fuel tanker monitoring has following features: l  Real time fuel level information in fuel cargo tanks (fuel compartments) l  Locate places of fuel loading and[...]

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How to set up device online

To setup device online, you need do Only 3 things: Get a SIM card with call, SMS, data function. And insert it into tracker SIM slot. Connect tracker with power and put tracker at open place for better GPS signal.[...]

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Why use external fuel level sensor?

The reasons to use external fuel level sensor: A. All time monitoring. When Vehicle engine is OFF, vehicle own sensor cannot work. External sensor works all the time as it is connected to vehicle battery directly. B. Accuracy. External fuel[...]

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What Can RFID Do?

A. Students management. Each student can take a card. When they get on or off school bus, they need scan the card, so we can know remotely when and where the students get on or off. B. Driver management/Engine control.[...]

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10 FAQ

1. Why do I need turn on ACC when I send fuel measure command? Fuel monitoring has 2 solutions: Use vehicle own fuel sensor. Vehicle own fuel sensor works only when ACC is on, this is why you need turn[...]

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Mobile Tracking APP

Mobile Tracking APP Software With the development of Android systems, the market is flooded with Android phones because of its price and applicability. Under this condition and clients’ requirements (we always put this at top priority), Uniguard offers Android Phone[...]

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