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What Are the Advantages of Solar Powered GPS Trackers?

Typing the keyword “solar panel” in Google search engine renders thousands and thousands of outcomes, from where to buy to self-install & Do It Yourself Projects. Solar Panels aren’t just saving cash, they’re saving power and employing a procedure of[...]

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GPS Vehicle Tracker has Wide Scope for Business, Personal and Security Purposes

In the recent few years, GPS tracking devices have obtained their wide applications among companies, business ventures and common people. Although, it is not same as car GPS, but such device operates by using information from coordinates of a satellite.[...]

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Business Gains of GPS Fleet Tracking System

It’s a new year, and that means a fresh opportunity to achieve all of the goals you have set for yourself and your business. Some common resolutions many business owners make are to cut costs, pay closer attention to business[...]

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Geo-Fence-A Most Helpful Tool

What is Geo-fence and how does it work? Geo fence working theory is: Draw one or several zones on Google map, assign the zones to different vehicles or assign vehicles to different zones and define the zone as In-Zone or[...]

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How GPS Tracker Helps Your Business

GPS tracker and GPS tracking system, using GPS, GPRS, SMS technology, have been known for years with their proven solution in fleet management, auto recovery, vehicle fuel consumption monitoring, driver management, route optimization, and real time monitoring, etc. However, how[...]

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Why buy GPS tracker from China UniGuard ?

China is known as the word factory that most products are either manufactured or assembled here, so is GPS tracker. UniGuard is one of the most GPS tracker suppliers in China with 7 years of exporting experiences in to more[...]

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How to Setup GPS Tracker TK116

GPS Tracker TK116 and TK115 are supplied by a company located in Shenzhen, China, offering GPS tracker service worldwide. They also have their own web tracking software. However, their platform is not helpful in some features, leading to a fact[...]

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Vehicle Fuel Monitoring

Steps about how to use the GPS fuel Tracker UT04 and Fuel Sensor Sensor installation, If you are using ultrasonic fuel sensor, please follow the ultrasonic fuel sensor steps to install and test it. If you are using capacitive fuel[...]

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What is A-GPS

A-GPS, short of Assisted GPS, is a combination of GSM base station and GPS technology, used to improve the performance of GPS and work with GSM/GPRS, WCDMA and CDMA2000. In order to use A-GPS, GPS module is needed and location[...]

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