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GPS Tracking Software Updates 20160405

In April 6th 2016, UniGuard updates the gps tracking software for better fleet management, which is the third updates,mainly two features: Offline devices management and Alarms management Offline devices management After login gps tracking software under User Center, users can[...]

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New Ultrasonic Fuel sensor

Ultrasonic fuel sensor is a great help for vehicle or storage tank fuel or other liquid level monitoring. With connection of GPS tracking device, fuel level of liquid is transmitted as fuel amount in either percentage or amount to web[...]

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How to start gps tracking business?

2015 is ending which is a stagnant year for GPS tracking business, which is same for all others, due to worldwide slow economy, strong US dollars, various conflicts, growing labor costs, etc. However 2016, the new year is coming. Business[...]

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Hands free car Bluetooth kit

Imagine! While driving at high speed, someone calls you, answer or not answer? This is a question. What if it is urgent or it is just a crank call? No worry! Hands free car Bluetooth kit help you solve everything![...]

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IOS Android GPS Tracking App

GPS tracking platform is normally referred to Real time web tracking system. However, with smart phone wide spread, it is more convenient to use IOS/Android based GPS tracking application, in which case user can track, manage and monitor all assets[...]

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Device management

On GPS web tracking software, users are free to add device to their own account or under-managed accounts.[...]

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Sub-user Distribute

On web fleet management system, it is free to distribute one user account to any other user account.[...]

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Sub User Management

On GPS web tracking software, users are free to add account for clients under sub-user management. All the created sub-users can login the system separately and view their own vehicles respectively. Steps: Login web tracking software as Group user Go[...]

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