GPS Lock,GPS Tracking Lock

GPS lock for Truck, Container ,Ballot box, fuel tank, Warehouse

What is GPS Lock?

GPS lock is a combination of GPS tracking device and padlock, with combined technology GPS and Lock. The part of GPS is used to track and locate, the other part of Lock is to secure assets and record lock open/close times. With super strong battery, charging one hour and the lock can last upto 30 days.

How does GPS Padlock work?

GPS padlock works like any other gps tracking devices that it reports real time location data to web tracking software so as to enable real time tracking, and the lock will upload open/close status as well so as to know if the tracked door is opened or not. GPS padlock is hot for any assets tracking with doors, like ballot boxes, containers, vans, cash transportation vehicle.

What is GPS Locking system cost?

GPS tracking padlock sample price is 85$ and for bulk order the price can be lower to 65$ above 1,000 units. The web tracking system is free to use for long term business so that users do not need pay any month subscription fee.