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GPS Padlock, GPS Lock

GPS Lock for container, fuel tanker, ballot box

GPS Padlock

By In FAQ On January 15, 2016

gps padlock

In 2016 UniGuard promoted the world level GPS padlock for fleet management, fuel tank monitoring, ballot box tracking, and cash transport  with help of our brother lock company, who supplies the lock technology.

What is GPS Padlock?

GPS Padlock is a combination of GPS tracking device and Padlock, with combined technology GPS and Lock. The part of GPS is used to track and locate, the other part of Lock is to secure assets and record lock open/close times.

GPS Padlock Main Features:

  1. Track current location of GPS padlock
  2. View history locations or traces of GPS padlock
  3. Report lock status
  4. Record lock open/close times
  5. Lock and secure assets
  6. Support web tracking system

GPS Padlock Application:

  1. Container inland transportation
  2. Fuel transportation tanker or fuel tank
  3. Any house: warehouse, shops
  4. Ballot box
  5. Other valuable things transportation

GPS Lock Specifications:

Item Specification
Accuracy 10-20M
Communication GPS+GPRS
Frequency 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
Battery 2200mAh Lithium
Charging 4 hrs, 1.5A/5V
Standby current 2 to10 Ma, 30 Days around
Working Time 72 Hrs
Temperature -25 to 75 ℃
Humidity 5% to 95%
Storage -45 to 90 ℃
Sensor Tri-Axis sensor
Material Zinc Alloy, heat insulation and cooling material
Casing PVC
Internal Spring Stainless steel
Pull 1000N
Unlock time Around 2s
Voltage 5V
Waterproof IP65
Size 143*64*27mm
Lock beam 9.7 mm, stainless steel 304
Weight 1 KG
Application Truck, Container ,Ballot box, fuel tank, Warehouse

gps padlock gps padlock

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  • ige gbenga 1 YEAR AGO

    wish to be your marketer in Nigeria for it will has high market demand. when tactically introduced to the public thank you

    • gps tracking device 1 YEAR AGO

      hello Ige,then why not start buying the gps tracker and distribute?

  • sanjay shah 1 YEAR AGO

    pl send your detail catalogue and price list of GPS PAD lock. Quantity will be repetitive. Want to resell in India.

    • gps tracking device 1 YEAR AGO

      hello Sanjay,good day. GPS padlock is under upgrading now. No devices for reselling.