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Quadband and High Quality Cheap GPS Car Tracker

GPS Car Tracker,GPS Personal Tracker, Mini GPS Tracker

As one of the professional and experienced China GPS trackers suppliers, offers various GPS trackers to meet the current GPS tracking devices market, including GPS tracker for people, cars, motorcycles and trucks. All our GPS trackers can do real time web tracking and they use the latest SIMCOM800 GSM module and SIRF IV GPS chip, quad band and suitable for universal usageAdvanced Features: Image monitoring, Fuel monitoring, Temperature monitoring, GPS navigator, RFID control and management, etc. We offer cheap gps car tracker but also we maintain the quality of all our GPS trackers.

  1. GPS Car Tracker UT01
  2. GPS Car Alarm Tracker UT03
  3. GPS Fuel Camera RFID Tracker UT04
  4. GPS Navigator Tracker UT05
  5. Plug and Play GPS Tracker UT06
  6. GPS Personal Tracker/ Handheld GPS Tracker/ Portable GPS Tracker UP102
  7. Solar Powered self-charging GPS Tracker

How to choose a cheap GPS car tracker with good quality?

  1. Buy from original China GPS car tracker manufacture.
  2. Buy in bulk. Buying in bulk will put you at distributor position, so the price will be much cheaper compared to individual buyers.
  3. Buy from China. It is known to all that China is the World Factory. Anything you can find in market is possible to be got from China, original or copied.
  4. UniGuard as an original and professional GPS car tracker in Shenzhen, China. We have dozens of GPS car tracker price from 100 USD to 20 USD in bulk.