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Quadband and High Quality Cheap GPS Car Tracker

GPS Car Tracker,Wired GPS Tracker, Mini GPS Tracker

As one of the professional and experienced China GPS trackers suppliers, offers various GPS trackers to meet the current GPS tracking devices market, including GPS tracker for people, cars, motorcycles and trucks. Below are our wired GPS tracker. Wired GPS tracker means the installation of GPS tracker needs connect with vehicle battery to sustain its continuous performance.All our GPS trackers can be tracked either by Advanced Web Platform, User Friendly APP and SMS command. We offer cheap gps car tracker but also we maintain the quality of all our GPS trackers.

Wired GPS Tracker:

  1. Mini GPS Tracker UM210. It is UniGuard best seller, 9-100V DC working voltage, suitable for cars, motorbikes and truck tracking.
  2. Mini GPS Tracker UM206. It is also a mini gps tracking device that support voice monitoring and SOS button.
  3. Super slim gps tracker UM710. It is a water proof much smaller tracking units for motorbike, but also it can work on cars and trucks.
  4. GPS Relay LK720. It is a perfect anti-theft device that is simulates a relay in car and hard to locate it after hidden installation.