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GPS Car Tracker UT01

The Best Seller GPS Car Tracker for car and truck tracking

gps car tracker

GPS Car Tracker UT01

GPS Car Tracker UT01 is one of the best seller of UniGuard GPS tracking devices. UT01 is a specially designed GSM GPRS GPS Car tracking system with latest SIMCOM GSM module and SIRFIII GPS module. It has been widely used in more than 50 countries, including USA, UK, Ireland, Nigeria, Kenya, Australia, Ghana, Portugal, Russia, Germany, Spain, South Africa, Mexico, Zimbabwe, etc. 

GPS Car Tracker UT01 Features:

  1. Real time GPRS Tracking Online (Uniguard Protocol)
  2. Real time SMS Tracking by cell phone
  3. Android APP Tracking
  4. Track on Demand
  5. Track by Time Interval
  6. Internal Backup Battery Lasting 5-8hrs
  7. Support A-GPS when no GPS Signal
  8. Compatible with Vehicle Original Alarm
  9. SOS alarm (3 Preset SOS numbers)
  10. Geo-fence Alarm/ Movement Alarm (20+ areas)
  11. Multiple Areas Entering/Leaving Alarm
  12. Speeding Alarm
  13. External Power cut Alarm (Anti-break function)
  14. Engine Cut (Engine immobilization via SMS/Online)
  15. ACC Detection (Engine ON/OFF Checking)
  16. Remote Voice Monitoring (Listen-In)
  17. Vehicle Fuel Monitoring with External Fuel Sensor (MOQ 100 PCS . For testing purpose, please use GPS Fuel Tracker UT04)

Online Fleet Management

Admin account login, able to create user account

Real time Tracking (Google Map/Google Earth)

Location History Playback

Send command online to set GPRS Interval, set SOS number, stop/start engine (admin account)

Movement Reports: Vehicle Stop/Start Report, Engine Idle Report

Mileage calculation

Alarm Reports: SOS alarm, speeding alarm

Multiple Leaving/ Arriving Geo-fencing

GPS Car Tracker Applications:


Track and trace

Road assistance

Toll collect


Fleet management and dispatch


1 Tracker unit

1 GPS Antenna

1 GSM Antenna

1 I/O Cable

1 Relay

1 SOS Button

1 microphone