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GPS Navigator Tracker UT05

GPS tracker is capable of connecting GPS navigator and Camera

gps vehicle tracker

GPS Navigator Tracker UT05

Distinguished Feature:

Online Image Monitoring with digital camera (300000 pixels)
Fuel Monitoring with/without extra fuel sensor (Online/SMS)
Driver Identification (RFID card with reader), driver management
GPS Navigator
Inputs/Outputs/Analog Inputs
2 Way voice speaking, call preset number or receive calls
Remote voice monitoring, to hear clearly voice inside vehicle or hidden monitoring
Address name reply, no matter smart phone or not, you know the vehicle location exactly


Normal Feature:

1. Real time Web/APP/PC tracking system
2. SMS tracking by Google Map link
3. Track on Demand via SMS/Web/PC tracking system
4. Track by time interval from 20 seconds to 10 days.
5. Internal 850mA backup battery
6. SOS alarm
7. Geo-fence alarm, support more than 20 areas
8. Movement alarm
9. Speeding alarm
10. External/Main power cut alarm
11.Engine immobilize via SMS/PC/Web tracking system
12. Engine/ACC detection
13. Compatible with vehicle original car alarm

Online Management

1. Admin account login, able to create user account
2. Real time Tracking (Google Map/Google Earth)
3. Location History Playback
4. Send command online to set GPRS Interval, set SOS number, stop/start engine (admin account)
5. Movement Reports: Vehicle Stop/Start Report, Engine Idle Report
6. Mileage calculation
7. Alarm Reports: SOS alarm, speeding alarm
8. Multiple Leaving/ Arriving Geo-fencing
9. Image taken Report
10. Fuel Monitoring Report
11. Issue advertising text message online


Track and trace
Road assistance
Toll collect
Fleet management and dispatch 


1 Tracker unit
1 GPS Antenna
1 GSM Antenna
1 I/O Cable
1 Relay
1 SOS Button
1 Microphone
1 Camera (Optional)
1 GPS Navigator (Optional)