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Mini GPS Vehicle tracker with 3 Years lasting battery

The world first GPS Tracker with 3 Years Battery

magnetic gps tracker

Mini GPS Vehicle Tracker UM02X

Mini GPS vehicle tracker UM02X is the world easiest installation device that you just find a covert place in vehicle, put it there and leave it working. No wire connection! No need power supply! With built-in battery and GPRS reporting to server at 12hrs, the device working time last up to 3 years (36 Months=1095 Days). Also, it has Detach Alarm, if the device is moved away from current place, it will also sends out alarm to authorized phone number. It is best for tracking goods, vehicles, assets, containers, etc. 

Mini GPS Vehicle Tracker UM02X Features:

  1. Built-in GSM/GPRS/GPS antenna for hidden and covert installation
  2. Built-in strong magnet for easy installation on metal material
  3. Real time tracking at web monitoring center
  4. Real time tracking by IOS/Android APP
  5. Support A-GPS tracking when no GPS signal
  6. Sleep Mode
  7. Anti-jammer
  8. Support Geo-fencing alarm on web tracking software
  9. Splash water resistant
  10. Built-in battery last up to 3 Years!!!!
  11. Drop/Detach alarm to authorized phone number by SMS and Call

2Hrs GPRS reporting, battery last 200 days

12Hrs GPRS reporting, battery last 1.5 years

24Hrs GPRS reporting, battery last 3 years (Default)

Online Fleet Management

  1. Admin account login, able to create user account
  2. Real time Tracking (Google Map/Google Earth)
  3. Location History Playback and History Report
  4. Multiple Leaving/ Arriving Geo-fencing



Track and trace

Road assistance

Toll collect


Fleet management and dispatch


1 Tracker unit