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Solard Powered GPS Tracker for cattle, herdsman, and wildlife

GPS tracker with solar panel to be charged by Sun

solar powered gps tracker

Solar Powered GPS Tracker

solar powered gps tracker

Is there a tracker without worrying the battery will be used out? Sure- Solar Powered GPS Tracker. UniGuard offers a compact size GPS tracker with a surface solar panel for self charging. It is a smart self-powered gps tracker with high accuracy GPS chip, as long as there is sun light. 4hrs sunshine per day is enough to get the battery fully charged! Where solar GPS tracker best fit? Lone workers at remote area, travelers, farmers with hundreds of cattle, wildlife, hunting dogs, cats and containers, etc. Any asset or things that require real time tracking but cannot be charged daily or recharge becomes a trouble. Try the world most cost effective GPS tracker with solar power! Clean powered, Moderate Price and Excellent Performance.

1.Solar powered GPS tracker without worrying about battery endurance problem.

2.Real time GPS/LBS tracking on Map to show the exact location

3.Historic traces replay to know where the animals have been.

4.Geo-Fence to give out alarm when move in or out the Fence

5.Removal alarm

6.Low batter alarm

7.Support tracking by Web/IOS/Android APP/SMS Command

8.Water Proof so you can put the device anywhere as you need, like on containers, pets, herds, etc

9.5200 mAh battery for 3 Years standby

Product Name:Solar Powered GPS tracker
GSM network850/900/1800/1900MHz
GPRS standardClass 12, TCP/IP
GPS locating time30sec with cold boot(under the open sky)
29sec with warm boot(under the open sky)
5sec with hot boot (under the open sky)
GPS Positioning accuracy10-15m(under the open sky)
Wifi positioning accuracy5-30m(base on Google wifi data base)
Build-in Battery5200mAh, 3 Year standby
Solar charging efficiency0-125mA/h (depend on the intensity of the sunshine)
Per Hour power consumption7mA/h at 10 mins GPRS interval
Working temperature-20℃ ~ +70℃
Working humidity5% ~ 95% RH
Color:2 color optionalBlack/ white
Size98*64*27 mm