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Ublox Mini GPS Tracker

Ublox Mini GPS tracker for Car, Motorbike, Person and Pet tracking

Ublox mini GPS tracker

is composed of MTK GSM module and Ublox GPS chipset. These trackers are built with mini size and internet antennas, which makes them easier for installation and hide, however they still offer a great performance considering gps car tracking and real time fleet management. The reason to offer ublox mini GPS tracker is their price is affordable and meanwhile keep good performance. Mini size GPS tracker is widely sold into Kenya, Nigeria, Mexico, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia Iran, Columbia and India, etc. All our clients enjoy GPS car tracking at no monthly cost, no monthly subscription. We adhere to this policy for long term business.

Here we have some excellent trackers:

1.Mini GPS Tracker for Car UM210,UM206

2.Magnetic GPS Tracker with long durable battery UM02X and UM660