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UniGuard GPS Tracking Solution

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Thanks to the development of GPS tracking technology and the art of GPS manufacture, portable GPS tracker becomes more smaller and powerful compared to old type Big and Hard to Carry with device.

GPS tracker for kids is available in market and they are wearable. Keeping track of children is becoming much easier. Tracking device for kids is not just a real time tracking and locating device, it is also a phone that children can talk to their parents and parents can monitor sound around kids. More importantly, it does voice recording so even when parents has no time for real time monitoring, they can hear what sound was around kids before.

Asset GPS tracker is more smaller with robust design and imported battery makes the last longer from 30 days to 300 days, perfect for bags, luggage and even container tracking with waterproof case.

Below GPS Tracking Device enjoy Free web tracking service life time, so is the APP (both Android and Iphone)

Portable GPS Tracker