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Vehicle Fuel Monitoring

Steps about how to use the GPS fuel Tracker UT04 and Fuel Sensor Sensor installation, If you are using ultrasonic fuel sensor, please follow the ultrasonic fuel sensor steps to install and test it. If you are using capacitive fuel[...]

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Speed limiter, GPS or Not?

Can GPS Tracker work as Speed limiter or Speed Governor to control vehicle speed? The answer is YES. Theory: With help of Relay, GPS Tracker can cut fuel supply or pedal power supply when vehicle speed exceeds preset max speed[...]

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GPS Padlock

In 2016 UniGuard promoted the world level GPS padlock for fleet management, fuel tank monitoring, ballot box tracking, and cash transport  with help of our brother lock company, who supplies the lock technology. What is GPS Padlock? GPS Padlock is[...]

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What is your GPS Web Tracking Software?

UniGuard has 2 GPS web tracking system:

1. UNIGPSTRACKING  (the old version)

Login ID: Test Password: 123

2. DEMOGPS (the new version. Also support IOS/Android APP)

Login ID: Demo Password: demo

How much is your GPS Tracker?

GPS Tracker price ranges from 20 to 80 USD. Price differs according to functions and components. The larger the order, the cheaper the price. All unit enjoy Car Tracking at No Monthly Fee. Quality of Device and Service are ensured.

What is your GPS Tracking device and server warranty?

GPS Tracking Device enjoys 12 months warranty and Software enjoys life time warranty. GPS Tracking software is free to use for long term business. We have engineers to keep server and software running 7*24 hours.

How to buy your GPS Tracker and make payment?

Please feel free to contact us either by call or email. We will send you Proforma Invoice for each order. We accept payment via Bank transfer (TT), Western Union, Paypal and Money Gram. L/C is acceptatable for tatal amount above 50,000 USD.

GPS Tracking System-You Can Trust 

UniGuard as one of the famous China supplier offers all kinds of GPS trackers including GPS Vehicle Tracker for car, truck, motorbike and heavy equipment, TKstar GPS Personal Tracker for kids and adults, Portable GPS Tracker for assets tracking, Mini GPS Tracker, Kids GPS Watch Tracker, 3G Real Time Video Monitoring Tracker, GPS Padlock, Magnetic GPS Tracker, OBD GPS tracker, and Solar Powered GPS Tracker. All these trackers are supplied at Affordable Price and Guaranteed Quality. Most of the devices have possessed CE/ROHS certificate. We offer also OEM/ODM service per clients’ requirements.

UniGuard offers GPS tracking software and GPS Tracking APP. With our advanced GPS tracking system, you can effectively manage all your GPS trackers, so as to real time track all vehicles and fleets just by login the GPS tracking software. You can also manage all client’s accounts and give them privileges to monitor and manage their own fleets instead of establishing a monitor room. Save money and man power. Our GPS tracking software also supports GPS trackers from other manufactures, including TK103 series, TK116, GT06 series, MT508 series. The most support we give to all clients aiming at long term business is Track all vehicles at NO Monthly Cost!!! We also offer customized login page for branding purpose.

UniGuard offers complete GPS tracking solutions, including GPS Truck Tracking System, Truck Temperature Monitoring, Fleet Management, RFID Driver Management, Fuel Monitoring System, Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Tanker Truck Monitoring, School Bus Video Monitoring System, and Heavy Equipment GPS Tracking.